LinguaFlix is a video enhancement tool created by ConnectiVision with the aim of giving language students the opportunity to watch interesting movies, series, and videos subtitled in their target language while at the same time providing access to synchronized English subtitles and dictionaries.

LinguaFlix is a 21st century solution to the following problem: students who are beginners in a language they are trying to learn, often only have the ability to interact with material that was designed for learning and only corresponds to their level. This is problematic, though, due to the fact that by only engaging with such simplified and many times outdated material, students eventually  become  bored, end up losing their enthusiasm, and ultimately abandon their attempt to learn the new language.

LinguaFlix  mainly focuses on the discovery of already available subtitles, or the creation of new ones of synchronised subtitles for news, movies, and series, which are freely available on YouTube and are currently shared and appreciated by native speakers of different languages. In this manner, LinguaFlix users get the chance to acquire something in common with these native speakers and use this new knowledge to attempt to climb to the next linguistic level.

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