Who we are

    ...and why we decided to embark on this journey
    "The value of social media – blogs, wikis, podcasts, social networking – in  learning is readily apparent. Any opportunity that enables the formation of connections between learners is worth exploring."
    George Siemens.

    ConnectiVision is a company conceived by a group of young Education Professionals who decided to work together and offer an alternative approach to traditional learning in an attempt to  overcome its inherent limitations. Their approach is focused on broadening students’ horizons by presenting new and exciting resources aiming to further, assist, and enhance their learning process.

    We understand, like many other language teachers, that the traditional system of teaching-learning foreign languages offers few possibilities in regards to the practical application of the content taught in class and does not take advantage of the huge variety of resources which exist on social networks and on the internet in general. The optimization and adaptation of these resources could significantly help students internalize the abilities acquired at school in a simple and fun way. 

    Strictly “OFFLINE”

    Firstly, we consider that it is problematic that new knowledge acquisition, as well as the use of previously acquired knowledge, is limited only to the time and place of instruction. We consider that this is mainly due to the fact that the majority of resources still used by schools and educational institutions in the 21st century are overly  “Offline”.

    This results to a highly stressful educational reality due to which students are not offered the chance to develop their abilities in a natural and autonomous manner. In order for a more “organic” development to become possible, they should have the opportunity to use what they have learnt via participation and interaction, on their own initiative, with PEOPLE, COMMUNITIES, and NETWORKS, which are associated with their interests- not only through school related resources that always leave them with an aftertaste of “homework”. Our experts focus on the creation of a learning experience in a virtual world for the students who do not have this option in their real lives.

    This  will take place through our products, which include interactive magazines, “LinguaFlix” (a video enhancement tool), as well as pedagogical adaptations of video games. These products specifically aim to transform the students’ virtual experiences to exciting and motivating educational assets through which they will get in touch with native speakers of the language they are trying to learn. In this manner, they will also have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with words and expressions used in the colloquial language of the countries they are interested in. The educational resources we use at ConnectiVision have been ergonomically designed and created by our educators with life-long learning in mind; they will steer your students towards virtual interactions that could otherwise only have taken place in real life.

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